Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I have finally done my last LO for the current circle journal I am involved in and its theme was 'Pink and Black' so I chose a very understated choice of cardstock but brightened them up with individual poems on the theme.
I must say that on embarking on my very first journal swap, I dont think I realised the concept 'less is more' and I think other members of this swap were horrified at my initial LO for my own journal. Suffice to say, that in these months of varying themes, I like to think that I have learnt soooooo much and that my crafting is changing (for the better). I guess everyone has to start somewhere and we all learn by our mistakes.
Here's to many more Circle Journals!!!!

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  1. Karen those are really good - I can't believe the toadstool was your first attempt!